The lay apostolate

Notes for a talk on the lay apostolate

1. In God desire to (be) amongst people and (heal) the split the Jews made between and what is God’s and what is human. 

Jews and their king 

Jews and their temple 

2. Christ’s work of restoration. 

Came as a human person not as a Church 

Thirty years of ordinary living 


3. God’s continuing presence an activity in the world and the call of humans to participate in it 


Loving (sustaining/supporting) 


(This is fundamental belief of YCW – what unites us – well spring of our action) 

4. The division we make between sacred and secular. 

5. Cardijn’s vision of the YCW 

The essential character of lay apostolate 

The aims of the lay apostolate. 

A) Transformation of workers everyday life 

B) Transformation of whole environment 

C) Transformation of mass of workers 

The original essential mission of humanity on earth. 

The work of redemption. 

The social responsibility of each person to help others to discover and fulfil this mission. 

6. The difficulty of keeping all this together 

[an] gathering showed that we have image of being mainly involved in second aim. 

The image of the YCW as being problem-solving group-social justice group. 

7. Emphasis of this Council-living out our personal vocation as persons. 

Primary aim of lay apostolate is not to humanise environments or change structures but to Christianise (make like Christ) individual people not primarily temporal action but evangelise (Gospel value is) action in working environments and problems of Life as vocational responses. 

Hugh O’Sullivan 

[Date unknown, venue unknown] 

Reference: 005-060299