The Christian character of the YCW

Notes for a talk on the Christian character of the YCW

The fundamental faith of IYCW and YCWs

What we aim to achieve

We want to build a unified vision in what way as the Australia YCW hold as a fundamental faith of the movement. We want to understand more deeply and find a way of putting into words what it is that motivates us to build, to have, and to act as YCW’s. We want to understand also and to be able to articulate our understanding of the relationship to the rest of the Church and the vision or for that means to us.

To achieve this we are going to:

1. Listen to an improved (…) that is a way of expressing a theology of the Church and the YCW this is not to talk to be listened to like a lesson to be learned rather it is to be listened to critically, to be questioned, to be checked against our own convictions. We are not looking to work out what the majority think. We want a unified vision of every participant your thoughts and out is and convictions are important.

2. The points to be made are:

a. To make a split between the sacred and a secular is to have a sort of “magic” religion that does not satisfy our instincts of what is right and makes religion neither practical nor liveable.

b. This is not the way that God set up things but rather the way people organise living.

c. Christ’s work was a work of restoration.

d. Our belief that God is present an active in the world and the call of each person this is filled a unique and irreplaceable role in participating in this.

e. Hence the essential characteristics of the L.A. [Editor: ‘Lay Apostolate’]

Hugh O’Sullivan

[Date unknown, venue unknown]

Reference: 004- 060299